At Sports Focus Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of Women’s Health treatments from our experienced Physiotherapists who have an interest in Women’s Health.
These services are available at our Northbridge, Liverpool, Wynyard and Castle Hill locations. Our Liverpool location offers pre and post-natal services at Sydney South West Private Hospital, in conjunction with outpatient Women’s Health at the Liverpool clinic.

Our Northbridge location offers pre and post-natal small group exercise classes, together with individual examinations and assessments of pelvic floor disorders.

Our Wynyard/CBD and Castle Hill locations offer individual assessments and treatments for women of all ages.

Therapeutic interventions include:       

  • Pelvic floor problems – assessment, treatment, education and retraining
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions associated with ageing
    • Menopausal changes impacting on your muscles and bones
    • Osteoporosis – individual exercise advice and programs
  • Stress urinary incontinence
    • Frequency
    • Urgency

Pre-natal treatment and exercise:

  • Early intervention and advice for your changing shape
  • Specific guidance on your safe exercise level
  • Treatment for any pelvic instability and/or pain
  • Individual exercises to guide you through your pregnancy

Post-natal treatment and exercise:

  • Post-natal check-up 2-6 weeks after delivery
  • Treatment and advice for mastitis
  • Care, support and advice or perineal trauma
  • Treatment of any associated bladder or bowel dysfunction
  • Individual and group exercise specific to your mode or delivery

Meet our team of Women’s Health physios:

Meet our team of Physios who have a wide interest in Women’s Pelvic health:
Vanea Atwood
Alyson Sommerville
Amy Greenlees

Pre-natal Pilates classes

Sports Focus Physiotherapy has small group pre-natal Pilates classes at Northbridge for women 12-38 weeks pregnant. Our Physiotherapists who have experience in a wide range of Women’s Health problems including knowledge to help you through a smooth pregnancy;   will progress you through stretches and strength exercises – using mat, gym ball and small apparatus.

  • Learn specific exercises and stretches to guide you through labour
  • Get in touch with your pelvic floor
  • Maintain your ‘core’ control and improve your health as your body shape changes
  • Develop awareness, understanding and knowledge of your body and … POWER through your pregnancy!

The class is $35.00 per class, or pre-pay your program and save – just $150.00 for 5 weeks!

To join or for more information come in and see us or call Northbridge on 9958 8986.

Muscle Mums

Muscle Mums physio classes have been developed following increasing demands from mothers who want to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape and need help with early safe exercising after the birth. Each class involves approximately one hour of post-natal specific exercises with your baby and interactive learning topics such as:

Strengthening deep abdominal and back muscles
Improving and restoring pelvic floor muscles
Adopting correct lifting and handling techniques

Small classes (a maximum of six mums with their babies) allow time for the physiotherapist to work one on one with each mum.

The class is $35.00 per class, or pre-pay your program and save – just $150.00 for 5 weeks! This time and day may change due to demand.









Sports Focus Physiotherapy are available to cater to all your physio needs. Find out about our muscle mums physio classes today.