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Sports Focus Spine Care is a class based program that allows participants to exercise at their own level in a comfortable and well supervised environment. People with chronic back and neck pain can be taught how to regain lost movement and wake up those muscles which have been inactive.

Whether you are:

Recovering from injury or surgery
Wanting to relieve everyday aches and pains by improving your posture and flexibility
Wanting to reactivate postural muscles that have been neglected for years to help avoid injury
Keen to regain your figure and reclaim your body after childbirth
Striving for consistency and optimal performance in physical activities such as golf, tennis, running and swimming

Our expert physiotherapists can assist you to reverse the postural collapse that is contributing to your pain and discomfort.

Our leading Sports Focus Spine Care physiotherapist has over twenty years of experience in spinal fitness and back care.




Sport Focus Physiotherapy are available to cater to all your physio needs. Find out how we can help you return to your optimum health today.