Pregnancy consultation – 24 weeks

So definitely half way through your pregnancy by now and wondering about;

  1. What exercises to help preparing for labour
  2. how to look after your back and posture
  3. what you should be doing for your pelvic floor muscles?


The answer to these questions will vary from individual to individual. If you are looking to read up then there is a good article here to start with.

If you are looking for a more tailored set of exercises you are welcome to organise an appointment with one of our women’s health physiotherapist for a 1 hour full assessment.

We will determine your best exercise and care options going into your 3rd trimester. This is a great opportunity to ask our women’s health physiotherapist about any postural and pelvic floor concerns.

Whether you are a first time mum or a 2nd or 3rd time Vaginal or ‘C’ section mum you will benefit from an individualised assessment and specific exercise program for your needs.

You may be able to continue your current exercises but with some modifications to ensure you don’t develop any postural, low back or pelvic girdle pain.

Make an appointment today at our Northbridge or Wynyard clinic

If you would like to join in a pre-natal Pilates class, these are currently available at our Northbridge practice.

For more information on pregnancy check out the ‘pre- natal ‘ page