Our philosophy is for all of our clients to receive one-on-one focused attention from our experienced practitioners. This means when you come seeking expert physiotherapy with us you will receive optimal care. Not only will you walk out feeling a lot better from your treatment, but you will feel elevated from the way our staff look after you. Combine this with the latest equipment, research based treatments, and the best musculoskeletal and sports physical specialists in Sydney, you will feel better than you ever have after visiting us. So, keep living an active lifestyle away from pain and get in touch with us to learn how we can help you today. Sports Focus Physiotherapy offers a range of physiotherapy programs to suit our clients’ specific needs. These are listed under “Our Services” in the menu.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to the examination, treatment and management of problems in and around your pelvis. We focus on the function of the Pelvic floor muscles which lie within the body, but each woman is treated sympathetically for her ‘whole wellness’.

Areas of your health where we can help include:
• Pelvic floor muscle concerns
• Urinary incontinence
• Pelvic pain
• Dyspareunia (pain with intercourse)
• Endometriosis / Severe period pain
• Pre and post-natal care/exercise
• Diastasis Recti Abdominius (tummy muscle separation)
• Overactive bladder
• Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)
• Return to exercise at all stages in your life

For more info visit Women’s health page

Shockwave therapy covers a wide range of acute and chronic conditions such as Achilles heel pain, Tennis elbow, Plantar fasciitis and Jumper’s knee.
Shockwave therapy utilises acoustic pressure waves to trigger a biological effect which promotes regeneration and healing of the tissue.

More importantly, the stimulus has an impact on your body’s pain sensors, effectively desensitising painful tissue.

Ask one of our friendly physio staff if you think you may have a condition that could be treated by shockwave therapy.

Visit Shockwave Physiotherapy for more info.

Do you work in the fitness industry? Interested in learning taping techniques to help prevent client injury?

Why not get a group of your staff together for a taping course with Sports Focus Physiotherapy?


Our NordBord is a special piece of equipment that focuses on strengthening athletes’ hamstring muscles through different exercise techniques. At Sports Focus Physiotherapy we specialise in providing programs that focus on strengthening muscles for athletes in premium teams, to help prevent injuries before they occur.

Visit NordBord for more information.

Sports Focus Physiotherapy at Castle Hill offers specialised services for golfers, including rehab and advice for golfing injuries and a golf performance program.

Visit Golf Performance Programs for more information.

These specialised classes available at our Northbridge location are designed to do more than improve your fitness!
Classwork includes specific drills to address knee control, whole body strength and flexibility. Exercises are targeted to technique improvement and your best performance.

We run these classes pre-European and Australian ski seasons.

Click Get Fit To Ski for more details.

Contact our Northbridge rooms for all other queries.

Balance and Bones is an exercise and bone health program of small group classes designed to:

• Improve muscle strength
• Improve balance and co-ordination
• Educate and improve knowledge of risk factors associated with osteoporosis and falls

Research has shown that elderly people who participate in a safe exercise program that combines both strength training and balance are less likely to have fall related injuries and will improve overall strength.

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy, our Balance and Bones exercise class is conducted by experienced physiotherapists who will take you through a range of safe exercises each session.


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Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Practice


Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Practice


Sport Focus Physiotherapy programs are available to cater to all your physio needs. Find out how our physiotherapy and sports injury practice can help you return to your optimum health today.