International women’s day – returning to sports and hit exercise after birth

As part of our commitment to International Womens Day, Sports Focus is keeping up to date on issues that affect women today, like returning to exercise safely after birth.
Amy Greenlees from the Northbridge and Castle Hill Clinics’ recently attended an Advanced course called Pelvic Floor and Exercise run by the well-known Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Taryn Hallam.

If you are pregnant or have had a baby and are wondering when you can get back to doing activities, book in for a ‘Women’s Health Assessment” with one of our Women’s Health Physiotherapists today.

Why see a Women’s Health Physio?

• 1:1 assessment of your spine, core, pelvic floor, and abdominal wall will give you a comprehensive guide of what your body is ready to do…
• We can answer your questions on your recovery
• Guide your exercise options and work with Pelvic Floor Safe Personal trainers

Our experienced Women’s health Physio’s are available at:

Northbridge (02) 9958 8986.

Wynyard (02) 9262 4147

Liverpool (02) 9601 8411

Castle Hill (02) 8850 0797