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Do you have poor posture?

A lot of patients come through our doors with back pain and poor posture due to the hours they spend in front of their computers at work. As our aim is to help you achieve optimal health, here are some common signs of poor posture that can lead to pain in the joints, muscles [...]

2019-06-20T16:57:31+10:00June 20th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Common calf injury symptoms and causes

Are you feeling pain in your calf and you can’t identify the cause? It’s a common pain that can make walking, running and jumping difficult. This calf pain can be due to an underlying medical condition, injury, or a problem in the arteries or nerves. While it can often feel like a minor muscle strain, [...]

2019-06-13T11:42:19+10:00June 13th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Hamstring Tears in Rugby

With the school rugby season nearly upon us, it’s important that you have the right advice to on how to help your child deal with one of the most common rugby injuries: the hamstring tear. Hamstring Tears in Rugby The hamstring tear, also known as a hamstring pull or strain, causes many athletes to miss [...]

2019-06-07T11:03:13+10:00June 7th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Types of rugby injuries

Rugby is a popular sport in Australia. It requires a high level of agility, endurance and speed. And since it’s also a contact sport, there is a great potential for head injuries, overuse injuries and trauma injuries. It is important that you know how to prevent these types of rugby injuries, so you can stay [...]

2019-05-31T16:23:00+10:00May 31st, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Benefits of Exercise for Women Over 40

Benefits of Exercise for Women Over 40 You’re not in your early 20s anymore, and your body hasn’t been the same after your last pregnancy. You’re working 5 days a week while your weekends are spent looking after your children and getting them to their birthday parties and sporting events on time. You’re lucky if [...]

2019-06-13T11:44:58+10:00May 24th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Common Overuse Injuries

Repeated stress on your body can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI), especially when you don’t give yourself enough time to repair, recover and adapt. For those who play sports, common overuse injuries are often caused by training mistakes, such as increasing the intensity, amount or type of training too soon. Common Overuse Injuries Plantar fasciopathy [...]

2019-05-31T16:21:25+10:00May 17th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Signs it’s time to see a physio

Not sure if the pain you’re experiencing is serious or not? These points can help you decide if you should see a physiotherapy about your pain or injury. Signs it’s time to see a physio You keep rolling your ankle Restricted mobility, inefficient movement patterns and underlying musculoskeletal issues can indicate that you’re suffering from [...]

2019-05-10T11:02:32+10:00May 10th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Recovery After Sports

Recovery After Sports There is a lot of discussion about what you should and shouldn’t do post-match to recover. Here is a look at some common recovery methods and how they can help you. Nutrition Nutrition is an important part of your recovery regime. While the amount of nutrients you need can vary depending on [...]

2019-05-10T09:43:33+10:00May 8th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Common Pains for Runners

Common Pains for Runners Many runners experience minor injuries or pain from time to time. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to treat these injuries, and recognise why they occur in the first place. Here are some of the most common pains for runners and how physiotherapy can help you can manage [...]

2019-06-13T11:50:34+10:00May 7th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

How to Prevent Injuring your Rotator Cuff

How to prevent injuring your rotator cuff Rotator cuff injuries are common among both active and sedentary, young and older patients at Sports Focus. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and their tendons, that are attached to the head of the upper arm and rise from the shoulder blade. It provides stability and [...]

2019-06-13T11:51:49+10:00May 7th, 2019|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|